Monday, 27 August 2012

Jersey, Channel Islands = paradise!

A friend and I went in search of some peace and quiet, some change of scenery, some sunshine, some friendly people, good food and just a overall good time.  We discovered Jersey.  The biggest of the Channel Islands.  With it being just a 35 minute flight away, it is well worth a visit!
The islands are part of the UK, but there are very strong French and German influences.  It was the only part of the UK that came under Nazi occupation during WW2.  The street names are mainly French and you can see the French influence in the buildings as well.  It is 100 miles south of mainland UK and only 14 miles off the coast of Normandie, France.
We had perfect weather (30 degrees), good food, and all the other things we were after!  We came back to busy London feeling like our 4 day breakaway was 10 days long.  They say that is a sign of a good holiday...
Hope you enjoy the photos ♥


  1. Ur post is full of information on paradise in jersey island, superb photography, me and my family are leaving soon to this wonderful place, we are food lover but me and my wife take a little wine in winters only can u tell me few bars in jersey have good family atmosphere?

  2. Hi Lauren, I'm so sorry that i missed your comment. I havent been on the blog recently. I hope you loved Jersey as much as i did and found some good spots to hang out. thank you for the compliment about my photos. i appreciate it! :-)