Monday, 27 August 2012

Ewan & Keanu....twins from heaven!

These little angels are just that, angels!  They are still have that "fresh out of the oven" look and already their different personalities are clear to see.  They were calm, hungry, friendly, happy and totally secure in their parents love.

Their mom and dad, Eion & Evarine waited a long time for these little boys, and the love on their faces was really something special to see. 

Hope you enjoy the pics ♥

the bunny is crucial for a little nap...

my brother might have a bunny, but i have a lion...

oh this posing business is very tiring...

smile and wave boys, smile and wave...

biggest buddies! :-)


  1. Like the one of them with hands held together! Such cute babies!

  2. They are adorable. :-) that one is one of my favourites. You can just tell there is a special bond between them.